Friday, September 19, 2008

New Work - projects, photobook, Vicious Dolls, la de da

I'm so hungry I can barely type, and watching Emril Live on Food Network was a bad idea. So I'm back to work now, got a few projects coming up including my first photobook, collaborations with clothing line Vicious Dolls, and projects I can't yet talk about due to I-would-have-to-kill-you-ness. My son started a play group three days a week now, so I've had the duty of dropping him in the morning and picking him up in the afternoon, which I really enjoy. I love driving.

I'm also investing in some gorgeous corset bras, neck corsets, and chokers for my shoots. Ok so I'll be ordering them all in my size, SO WHAT! It's an early Xmas present to myself, and I think I can squeeze Christianne or Gabrielle into them. Speaking of Gabrielle, that's Gabrielle Walcott - Trinidad and Tobago's contestant for the Miss World pageant being held in South Africa this year. I had a fun little shoot with her this week and Gianna once again did the fantastic makeup. Here are a few images from that set. I've seen Gabby model before and I honestly thought she only did one or two styles, but she completely blew me away. You'll be seeing a lot more of her on this site, I've found another favourite model.

Now Vicious Dolls is a brilliant clothing line by the awesome Anita Bhatt. Please check out more of her work here. I've been collaborationg with her on some surrealistic pieces , just because I love her era-styled clothes and...well click on the link and see for yourself!

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