Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Digital SLR Magazine / Caribbean Beat? / commissions

My work is featured in the latest issue of Digital SLR magazine as well as on the cover of the November / December issue of Caribbean Beat magazine, anyone travelling on Caribbean Airways can take a look - that photo was done for EmmaLouchie Jewellery earlier in the year and I had no idea it made cover (I was not credited as photographer). I'll post the Digital SLR feature when I get a copy.

Here is some work I've done for musician Etienne Charles - the newspapers are calling him a saxophonist when obviously it's a triangle he plays! Also, up and coming singer Annya Li from the recent NY shoot.
I am starting a new personal project today entitled "Subhuman". Part woman part machine, more like mock posters for a movie in my head. A little fun to break the work cycle. If you've ever heard of Pendulum, their music is fueling this one.

oh here's a teeny tiny pic of the Caribbean Beat magazine cover

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Photo Digital magazine feature / Back from New York

My work is featured in the lastest issue of Photo Digital magazine. Got cover photo too, so that was a nice thing to come back home to. Many thanks to Ilker :)

So yes, I'm back home, and I'm happy to say that I didn't freeze to death :) I'm used to sprawling around the house in short pants and vest, so wearing a coat, scarf and gloves took a few moments to get used to. Needless to say, the cold got right through my layers, and hiding behind trees didn't stop the killer breeze from stinging me full-body! Other than the weather making my hands shake so much that taking pictures took a lot more concentration than normal, it was a fine time. I got a new lens, a camcorder (which captured a few behind the scenes episodes), and my "curry" iPod which looked bright yellow and pretty in the store lighting.

Annya and I lost in Manhattan, thank you foggy camera

I saw a pink blob in the distance

Thanks to Lee (and his mom) for taking me around NY and putting up with my tourist self and squirmishness everytime a slight breeze blew and I had to jump on the spot for a few seconds , which was my warming ritual. The shoot was done in a Brooklyn studio, and for a lesser part, outside in the freeze. That's where my camera wouldn't stop shaking and I had to grind my teeth in deep concentration. It all worked out fine in the end! Having gone through a lovely food poisoning experience before the trip, I lost a good few pounds so I wasn't very....thermal.

post-shoot group shot

Our pilot on the way to NY was Captain Kirk, I though that was pretty funny, but only Lee and I laughed (I guffawed, I think), and we almost missed our plane twice due to our intense conversations about old people wearing surgical masks (and picking at each other's scalps? very nice, they were on our flight :/) and donuts. Besides being blind, I'm also deaf - so if he didn't hear our last names being called we'd still be in Puerto Rico.

"blind" guy on train singing Rod Stewart's Do You Think I'm Sexy
and my answer is yes.

in studio
I slept though about 80% of my son's birthday which was a few hours after I got back into Trinidad, and I had to jump right into more work and photoshoots whilst in zombie mode. This weekend I'm dropping everything to bake for his costume party on Sunday, then it's back to work. Happy belated Halloween!

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