Thursday, March 17, 2011

A long overdue update!

Hey people of the interwebs. I've neglected updating this for 3 months, but you can blame my Facebook Page for that.

I took a month off around January / February cause the year didn't start out too hott for me. Had a month-long flu that I thought I was cursed with for the rest of my life, and just didn't have the energy or motivation to work through it. Interacting with people, setting up shoots, setting up lights, editing, all that stuff takes energy so I just waved my hand at it and said "meh". So I opened my box of paints and starting creating traditional media portraits. Got so excited about it, and even submitted one of my pieces for a Carnival exhibition at Y Gallery, which to my delight, sold! As I got better, and as my need for photography punched me in the face, I can say that I'm happily back on point. All things happen for a reason I guess, and I'm glad I took a break and rediscovered the joys of painting.

Anyhoo, back in December I shot the Maroon 5 / Far East Movement concert in Trinidad. Got to run around the stage and I learnt alot about live event photography, something I've always dreaded. Turns out I love it, so I'll definitely do it again. Here are a few images from that concert. I have almost 1000 pics from it but I'm currently searching for the dvd with them. (so long ago that they've already been backed up)...will post more when I find it.

About two weeks ago I had a shoot with Pete Bethune. Pete is a badass , or a "terrorist" according to Japan. He was Trinidad collaborating with Trini Eco Warriors to bring attention to the endangered leather back turtle. For those not sure who he is but find the name familiar, his boat, the Ady Gil (formerly Earthrace), was pummeled by Japanese whaling vessel MV Sh┼Źnan Maru 2 (can be seen on Animal Planet's Whale Wars) and he was then arrested for boarding the ship. Have a look at what went down. Also have a look at Trini Eco Warriors Facebook Page. They're doing great things!

The shoot took place at Maqcueripe Bay and Bamboo Cathedral. I got soaked, sandy, and muddy from dodging waves and climbing rocks, but it was so much fun! I really should get a water-proof case for my camera....

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