Thursday, December 31, 2009


This was another great year, full of wonderful experiences (first one that came to mind was traveling around Europe for three weeks) and the forming of great new friendships all over the world. My son turned three and still won't stop sucking his three fingers (orthodontic future ahead), my hair went through a turquoise and now purple stage (soon to take a completely new look yet again), I developed new techniques with my work through lots of patience and practice..."I've grown as an artist blablabla", my sister to moved to Bahrain *sniff*, I had my first solo exhibition and also came out with my first calendar, my son had a near death experience that has changed me completely, and I reconnected with family in England, Madeira and Portugal, and I sincerely hope I get to see them again next year.

There's a lot more that I cannot remember right now, it'll come to me soon. I've been doing this job since 2007 and every year ends with a bang and starts off a bit slow. Already 2010 is looking to actually start off with a's exciting. I plan on travelling a lot more and connecting with even more wonderful people around the planet. To all my friends, I love you guys *squeeze til eyes pop*. To all my family around the world (especially Beckie in Bahrain and Joana in Madeira) I love you all so much. To all my fans (I always feel weird saying that word thank you for supporting me, I appreciate it so much and if you have ever sent me an email and I have not replied, I apologise sincerely....keeping track of things isn't always easy.

I got an underwater camera for Christmas. It was either that or a professional recording mic to squawk into (thank my bf for choosing the camera). I went down the islands with my family on Boxing Day and had a salty time trying to get a proper self-portrait whilst getting tangled in my hair and my kid jumping on my back to "twim" around the bay. One of the shots that actually didn't capture my toe or elbow is posted below. It was a test run, and next time it'll be a pair of goggles, and an actual model :/

In other news, I'm playing Dragon Age Origins during my holiday break. You know you and your boyfriend are addicts when you call each other "my liege" and "look here wench" , and refer to the rude (and rather large) lady in the Burger King line as the "undead ogre - last boss who will go into berserker mode and wipe out the food court with her weave of doom and +20 poison acrylic claws of death" Anyway, if anyone else is playing this game, you my friend are awesome. And I'll throw in something about Avatar and District 9 since this is a year end wrap up. Two of the best movies of the year. We should try not to judge people in life, but if you were not moved by either of these movies then you're probably a noob who thought Batman and Robin was timeless (Mr Freeze: "I'm giving you...the cold shoulder...NOW GET TO DA CHOPPA"). That ladies and gentlemen, was my geek paragraph, moving on now.

My new year resolutions: exercise. There's a dusty treadmill next to literally a meter and a half from my left elbow right now, that I bought for Carnival in 2008 (not even kidding) and went on once (ONCE) in 2009. There's also that ab ripper 1000.px.extremedotsomething that I was all YEH I WILL DO THIS EVERY DAY and never did it again. So sticking with an exercise plan is my goal. I've also been working on myself for a while now and trying to stay away from any negative energy, and it feels wonderful. I'm going to keep doing that, only good can come out of this one. My third resolution is to keep my bedroom clean. With my son finally getting his own room, I think it'll be a lot easier. I've just thought of a fourth one - when an idea comes to mind, just DO IT. I tend to linger a bit and take forever to plan, but I need to get on it asap so that the drive doesn't fade. I'm hoping I can fulfill at least two of these things.

I'm going to end this epic essay with a HAPPY NEW YEAR! and the usual joke that's said every 31st of December, "I won't see you again til, like, NEXT YEAR man" :O


commissioned shoot a la xmas lights

self-portrait in the not-so-clear ocean

commissioned portraits▼

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I did a self-portrait inspired by the trailer about a week and half ago. I said it would be my favourite movie, and let me tell you...IT IS. James Cameron was put here to make this movie. I feel so inspired by the world of Pandora and the Na'vi's connection with nature. I'm no tree-hugger, but human beings really piss me off the way they....we....treat this planet. Not only that, but the way we crown ourselves the dominant ones above anything that can ever exist, as a species and in our own individual minds. The last time I felt moved by a film was when I saw District 9 (love it or not, that's what people are capable of). It gave me that familiar feeling of anger towards our species, how much hate and greed runs through our veins, how the world is treated as a cold dead thing and we forget about how much life flows through it. Before I pull out the Cumbaya record and talk about "feeeeelings" I'll end it with the image I created before I saw the movie. I think there'll be a lot more. No movie makes me cry and gets away with it . /flex

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