Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Dreams May Come / The Sister series

Yesterday, I did two things. First, I completed the 4th piece of my "The Sister" series. I shot this with Jade and Cherisse back in June 09, and every 2 months or so I would complete one of the concepts scribbled (very poorly) in my book (shown below). There are still a few that need to be completed, but this time next year HOPEFULLY it'll all be done!

The one I'm pointing to is the latest creation.
Black hearty shaped thing on your left is courtesy my son.

Original sketch showed that the glass she was holding contained a scene of her falling down the rabbit hole. After drawing a mockup within the image, I though that bunny tied to a balloon just looked so much better!

More from the series. Click to watch them magically grow!

Second thing I did yesterday was finally work with makeup artist Carla Hutchinson. We've been emailing back and forth for a while now about setting up a shoot and it finally came to pass! I was so impressed with her airbrushed makeup , as well as the hair styling she did on Heidi! When we were ready to shoot, we headed down the street (literally down the street) to Gary Jordan's studio. He was kind enough to offer his space for me to shoot yesterday, and I was very happy about that since I was in a lazy mood anyway and really didn't feel like setting up the living room for the session :/ So thanks very much for that! I wanted to create a Renaissance-like oil painterly effect with this one, and I think I achieved it! I'll update as I edit more.

model is Heidi Walcott

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Please vote for Kim Roy!

My friend and awesome hair dresser (or hair ARTIST EXTRAORDINAIRE) Kim Roy is up for the Head and Shoulder's Nations Favourite Hairdresser Award. Kim is an amazing hair stylist with the most lovely personality to boot! I've posted some photos below of work that we have done together. Please vote for Kim HERE if you absolutely love her work (and I know you do). There's no one more deserving than her, and trust me, I wouldn't be typing up this post if I truly didn't think so!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear Graphic Designer, please stop stealing my photos.

The year just started and I already have a nice little list of people who have stolen my work to promote their products or events. Listen Graphic Designer (we'll refer to the general Graphic Designer as Debbie from now on) Look Debbie, the internet may be big to you, but it is actually a very, very small place. Networking has made it extremely easy to come across art theft, so please be a good Debbie and make sure that you have permission to use an image, or pay for the usage if you don't. Because you will get caught. Not only will you get caught, but you will in turn embarrass your client (who in this case that I am about to write about, is just as bad as you are.)

fire ze missiles!

The commercial work I did for singer Anya Li ended up on an invite for some party. There was no way I would have found out about this if someone on my Facebook didn't give me a head's up. So thank you Networking, you never let me down! *high five*

I messaged the person who posted this on Facebook, I always start out very polite. "Hey could you please take down this ad, one of my images is being used without my permission" course my laser vision is set to kill while I type this, because of past experiences I pretty much know how this will end.

Every comment I leave gets deleted, and my private message is ignored...that is, until I use the L word. The client thinks nothing wrong has been done "is it that serious?" yes client. Your Debbie has been stealing not only my image for your party THIS year, but for last year as well! That means my work has been stalked and stolen by COREY of www.COREYOGRAFIK.com (tel: 770.41.5553) for the past two years (he left his info on the flyer, what a good Debbie). Yeh, he's not answering his phone.

These pictures are not some photosnap off of Google with no trace of ownership. They are retouched, studio commercial photographs with a clear Copyright symbol with the name of the owner clearly stated. So spare me the "I didn't know where these came from" excuse.

So, last year this photo was used for the party:

and this year, this photo was used for the party:

I used to be a Debbie before I started photography. I was also a Nancy (Web Designer) and I was always aware of the whole copyright issue. That's why there were STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY CDs (which I borrowed once and don't think I ever returned...hmm...where is it?...) as well as our own imagery from going on the road and shooting content.

To crop out someone's copyright logo and then use it is for advertising is blatant theft, and I have let a good few incidents flutter by without seeking a lawyer - life gets in the way of dealing with these pests. Not anymore Debbie, I am coming for you. AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO! (oh wait, Dorothy is the Illustrator, nvm)

ps: Facebook is a powerful tool. Here's what happens when you steal my photo, and a hoard of pissed off supporters rain ire on your event's page (you took it down but I screenshotted it *tsst*)

click for non-blurification

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A really late, really long post

First for the year. Not that I haven't thought about updating, but the words weren't there, and I like to write a bit before I post more work. I'll be writing a lot more soon, have an upcoming website that will be a place to channel my experiences in something other than photography and design....but it may find a link from time to time.

I turned 25 today. Spent it stuffing my face , galavanting in the laura-mobile and writing "thank you :)" on my Facebook wall. I've never typed :) so much in one day. That's just me, yuh know, breaking meaningful records and whatnot /flex. I don't have a problem with getting older, I think once you fill your life with hard work and good things it's much easier to look back at the years past and nod with approval without thinking krist almeaty I'm getting old. That's just me. I'm rambling.

I have a tonne of backlogged work to post so please bare with the scrolling!

First set of pictures is a small shoot I did with a girl I met at a Martin Parr show in January. Her name is Fan and we shot this very last minute session at Normandie Hotel. Hair and makeup by Emily Quesnel. Dresses by yours truly (no I didn't design them, they're from ye olde cluttered closet)




The next set is from a session done at Paprika restaurant in Cocorite, Trinidad. For all the Trinis ,and those visiting, it's on the left just a few buildings after Peakes gas station. Drive slowly and keep your eyes out for the sign! We got to use masks made from the same company that did the ones in Eyes Wide Shut. Made me wanna grab some paper and glue and try a ting. Models are Chris Steel and Ashley Fifi in Meiling designs. Hair and makeup by Emily Quesnel.

there's something lurking in one of the mirrors

Next is from a shoot (that I did not photograph but I snuck a few of my own shots in between) that I was actually modeling for! MACO People's latest issue has a feature on seven women in Trinidad representing their fields of work. I represented photography. Teneille Newallo (below) is an actress. Makeup by Gianna Barcant, dress by Heather Jones.

Shot at Rumore, one of the Magnificent Seven houses around the Savannah. It's old, falling apart, and I love it.

Now this is far from the pretty pictures of pretty girls in pretty makeup, just complete lack of prettyrisation, and really just something that I had in my head for a year and never did. Til one lonely night in January... This is Ode To Woodbrook, my neighbourhood...and no one can argue with this, one just ran under the couch (sleep over by me guyz!) I swear one day I'm gonna walk in on this. Incoming awesome rap:

Ode to Woodbrook

If you feel me, put your Bop in the air
if you feel me, where your Baygon at

I come home, I lie down
It;s been a long week
I suddenly hear
the little feet (little feet)

and in a flash
I'm dual wielding cans
listening for the sound
of little hands (little hands)

But I know you roach
I know how you move
I see you in the corner
cue flying shoe

the shoe missed
time for second phase
two cans emptied
on your face (little face)

Back to pretty girls

singer Ami Richardson, London

When sunsets attack

dress by Heather Jones

Trinidadian band The Yahdees

RIGHT! Now to have my birthday dinner.

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