Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Morning Floridaaaaa!

I'm heading to Florida tomorrow morning for a little vacation time with my fellow Ferreiras. Haven't done the "entire immediate-family" travelling thing since I was in school, so thought I'd tag along this time and find a space somewhere in their car that I could fit in for the drive up to Orlando. I'm not supposed to be working for these 10 days but I'm walking with my "bess camera" just in case I have a free moment. I'll be home on the 26th and back out to work the very next day, so end of July is out, but I'm still taking bookings for August. Hit me an email at if you feel like being pretty oh so pretty, or , if you would like me to turn you into a molten baby (see below).

I watched Planet Hulk a few months ago, and there was this scene where Caeira (one of the main characters) holds a child while around them goes boom. As she walks forward you think "oh great the kid survived yayyyyy!!!" but then the figure slips into ash and I go "NOOOOO!!!". So this piece was inspired by that. I'm familiar with the feeling of trying to protect a little one and having them (almost) slip away, so I think that is why this stayed in my head Below, you'll find a horrifyingly bad sketch for the piece, the model who posed for the main figure, and the final image.

left: it says "still burning" , sorry kid / right: my son's room, he loves Cars

final image, hand drawn environment in Photoshop

Tuesday, mua Gianna Barcant and I headed to Couva for a client know you're in Couva when things start getting really bushy, but in a good way. We shot in La Vega, an estate run by the client's family where you can buy plants, stomp on plants (by mistake) ,take pictures of plants ,and swim in the caiman infested beautiful lakes. It's really a gorgeous location and I'm a big fan of places where concrete is seldom seen. We stayed there til early evening before waving goodbye to those awesome people in that awesome house, and drove to back to the not-so-awesome concrete jungle.

there's a caiman behind you

Yesterday, we went back to the bush - but not Couva bush this time, Macurepe bush! Not too far in though. Went to that old house where everyone who owns a camera in Trinidad does shoots at (I'm part of the club now!) and did a quick shoot with Bajan bess-ting Leah Whitehead, and guitar-making-bess-ting Jonathan Krogh. The concept: Shoot a hott girl whilst showing off the guitar. It was a gypsy theme, and between playing dodgeball with the batty bats that live in the building, and not falling off the porch when backing up to get wider shots, we pulled it off under two hours. Joth's sister Gylla did the makeup, and gravity did the hair.

"how do you a hold a guitar?"

I have a lot of editing to do when I get back, as well as new sets that I have planned out. The rollercoasters will inspire me somehow, if not wipe out my memory. Please pray that American Airlines doesn't screw up my flight like they've done to so many people this week. Brb.

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