Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanks for the support! / PRINT SALE!

To everyone who came to the exhibition, a big THANK YOU! It was a complete success and a sigh of relief that it went pretty much smoothly. Also a thank you to those who bought my 2010 calendar :) There are a few left so if you are interested please contact me at . They make great Christmas gifts :D *wink* :D *wink*. I have some available prints that I will post here shortly, along with their dimensions and other information on each. (also a great Christmas present *wink* etc etc.) It was an exciting month so I made sure to log on tonight and do an update before December takes over tomorrow!

I've been quite busy recently with various commercial works, and I'm looking forward to wrapping them up for the holidays and doing some fun personal projects. I have an obsession with Christmas lights so I think I'll be going to the local hardware store very soon , gesturing my hand in a sweeping motion over the lights department with a "Ill take this". Another project I started is one involving my son. Since I lost so many of hus baby pictures when my HD went to Heaven, I decided to start stalking him with my camera and capturing some candid and non-candid moments with him. You can see them here I haven't put much up yet due to the lack of time to sort through the ones I like best, but it'll grow bit by bit. I got a lot of new content this weekend, it's really teaching me how to be a pro-paparazzo! It is a bit personal but it's the only thing of that sort that I'll ever have on a public server.

Now for some new content. Here are some commissions I've done recently including work for jeweler Barbara Jardine, some portrait shots of work I've done with makeup artist Cherisse Amoroso, as well as a long-overdue continuation of my Trinidad Folklore series. This time it was "da ladies favourite" Kiwan posing as the main character. We had planned to shoot this over a year ago and because I take forever to plan projects, and he sleeps until 2pm, we never got around to it. Instead I took a photo from a previous shoot with him and used it for my project. I did a WIP (Work In Progress) Tutorial to show how I go from basic photo to final concept in this particular photo-manipulation. I've been meaning to do one of these for a while but this was the first time I actually remembered to screenshot and paste as I worked! I hope it inspires you and gives you some insight into the time and patience that goes into creating these pieces.

Commissioned makeup portfolio for Cherisse Amoroso

client Jeniffer Crane

Promo shot for Alchemy jewelry

commission for Soca artiste Supajigga TC

(above) Trinidad Folkore piece - Papa Bois
(below) WIP Tutorial

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