Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Scorch magazine and commissioned shoots

Allo allo! I've been working nonstop since I got back from NY. Had a shoot the day after I got in (luckily I caught enough sleep in between) and got to try out my new camera. Oh is it sweet! Also had a shoot with singer Michelle Xavier from Imij and Co., got her to put on a few of the many wigs I purchased recently. Had a but of a scare though. Thought my flash trigger stopped working and started freaking out silently during the shoot. Well, after reading the instructions over and over again I realised that the battery was dead (doi!). That basically sums up the 10 minutes of horror I went through.

The June issue of Scorch is out! It includes shots I took of cast members from the new show The Reef. This new series is directed by Danielle Dieffenthaller who had a previous show called Westwood Park. *a bird just flew into my window, this happens way too often* If you're in Trinidad, try grabbing a copy of the magazine...they're everywhere.

The following shots are from the Scorch issue and random commissioned jobs.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Love New York

I'm back from my New York trip, and the first thing I have to say is that it was an experience I'll never forget. Christiane and I stayed with our friend Miracle in New Jersey (thank you very much for having us and showing us around) but everyday we were roaming about Manhattan looking for locations, and basically being tourists when we had free time.

The shoot was done for the Earth Member 4 Life clothing line (website coming soon). We had two MAC MUAs and about 4 models in total. Forgive me guys, I can't remember names right now due to having zero sleep since I've been back. Anyway, we shot mostly around the Greenwich Village area and a dance studio in...ok I forgot wh ere the studio was :S The great thing about this shoot was that even though I was working, I was having the time of my life taking in all my surroundings. Eavesdropping on pedestrians as they walked past "Dude it totally sucks not having furniture..." and trying out Vegan food even though our party of ten included zero vegetarians.

The day after that shoot, Chris and I waddled around Manhattan dodging speedy New Yorkers and trying not to get lost. I swear, e very time I blinked I thought "WHERE AM I??!!" The highlight of this day was that I went into B&H and got my spanking new Canon 5D (see picture below)

heyyyy, who was giving me bunny ears?!!1!

So after unwrapping the camera from the packaging, peeing myself in disbelief that I finally had it, and then realising that I was now broke, we headed back out into the city where I bounced up these guys.

Well I had to pose with them, show off my gear too!

After trading camera information, we were off again. Saw a very interesting looking drag queen and attempted to chase him down for a picture while some random guy shouted "YOU GET THAT PICTURE GIRL!!!!" But right when I was 2 metres away I gave up, he was walking mighty fast on those stilettos! I also thought I saw a few celebrities but I feel bad taking obvious pictures of them. I fail as a paparazzo.

So after losing each other for about 20 minutes, we headed back into Greenwich to meet up with our friend Helen, and went home. Later that night we did a min i shoot in a club called Aura, as well as in Union Square Park. By this time it was around 2 am in the morning and we had to be in the airport for 8 am. Well excuse me , I didn't see all the sites I wanted to! So now it's 3am and we're stopping off at Times Square, Central Park and Rockefella Centre. There's me in the middle of the street, eyes saucer-like taking it all in. Most of the time I was thinking "ok which scene in Cloverfield was shot here again?..." Got home after 4am I believe and felt an overwhleming sense of sadness when I realised that this was the day we were leaving. All in all, it was such a wonderful experience, and I met some really great people which is always a bonus. Now I'm planning my own little vacation in NYC :D

Oh by the way, this is the best method of beating a total 16 hours of sitting in a plane (connecting flights)

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