Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Scorch magazine and commissioned shoots

Allo allo! I've been working nonstop since I got back from NY. Had a shoot the day after I got in (luckily I caught enough sleep in between) and got to try out my new camera. Oh is it sweet! Also had a shoot with singer Michelle Xavier from Imij and Co., got her to put on a few of the many wigs I purchased recently. Had a but of a scare though. Thought my flash trigger stopped working and started freaking out silently during the shoot. Well, after reading the instructions over and over again I realised that the battery was dead (doi!). That basically sums up the 10 minutes of horror I went through.

The June issue of Scorch is out! It includes shots I took of cast members from the new show The Reef. This new series is directed by Danielle Dieffenthaller who had a previous show called Westwood Park. *a bird just flew into my window, this happens way too often* If you're in Trinidad, try grabbing a copy of the magazine...they're everywhere.

The following shots are from the Scorch issue and random commissioned jobs.


Justin Benn said...

Really nice shots, Laura. Saw your work in Scorch last night and thought it was great!

Did you shoot this with your 5D?

Aaron Ryan Gayah said...

Love your work.


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