Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July and the vacation I intend on taking

Notice the word intend , and I use "vacation" very loosely. I've been busy doing shots for two Carnival bands , but I've reached the point where I'm seeing feathers and beads in my sleep, so I'm a bit anxious to wrap those jobs up. The ads that I did for Chanson ice cream are finally out , noticed one in the papers yesterday as I was looking for the movie guide (Batman opens tomorrow). Speaking of Batman, here's a cartoon I did 5 years ago.

So this "vacation" I'm intending on taking is more of a break from photography for 3 weeks, not like I'm flying out to Europe and back packing (I've always wanted to do this....then I saw Hostel). I just haven't had a break since last May and I would like to spend more time with my son. Mind you, I'm pretty sure I'll be calling up Chris Steel to do some conceptual pieces in between. When I'm not working I feel a tad bit....lost? I openly admit that I'm addicted to my job, even though at times I feel like pelting the camera in the nearest pothole (which isn't hard to find). I keep telling myself that this is the year for hard work, and next year I'm going to take a 3 week real vacation and visit family in Portugal and just hobble around Europe enjoying the atmosphere, and of course, doing a few shoots while I'm there.

Anything else I had to put here? Can't remember right now, but here are a few shots that I recently did.

Ahhh wait, I don't think I ever posted my Model Behaviour set. These shots just depict the sterotyped attitude of any top model (a la Naomi Campbell). Just a concept I came up with whilst finishing up a shoot some time in February. The price for these shots? We broke my son's crib.


and with shaking hands, the assistant handed the beast her thirst quencher. They really do act like babies.

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