Monday, July 28, 2008

Carnival shots and my wonton disturbance

The launch of a Carnival band held on Saturday, which means I can splop those pictures on my page now. These shots were taken at the Chaguaramas golf course during the week - so apologies to the millionaires' whose intense game of golf we interrupted.

Now about my wontons....wonton soup to be precise. So I go to MovieTowne (Trinidad's fancy shmancy cinema complex) with my son and boyfriend to get some ice cream on Saturday. I notice there's a lone boom mic guy looking a bit lost. Obviously he must have a reason for holding his muppet-like microphone over his shoulder, and I finally see the rest of the crew trodding our way. Looked like a reality show was being filmed as a bunch of loud mouthed Americans walked past us shouting something or the other (they were obviously being louder than usual for the cameras). We dodge them and continue eating our ice-cream at the side of the pavement.

We then decide "hey we need food" after we had our ice-cream (we're wonderful parents) and head on over to Westmall's food court. I see the same microphone guy and shriek "Oh God they're here too". The crew choose to sit right next to us, and what looked like a 4 foot chihuahua with a bad blonde weave starts fighting with another weave-clad woman very loudly. "You shut up - no YOU shut up - NOOOOOoooOOOOOooo YOUUUU shut up" *finger snap* and it goes on for a while. She was also snapping at these little girls and saying "I bite" I bet you do.

A crowd gathers, because that's what Trinis do best, and I am now trying to eat my wonton soup whilst a bunch of bottoms are in my face trying to get a glimpse of the ensuing battle. I notice a friend of mine is standing nearby looking like he's a part of all of this. I enquire about wtf is going on. He says that it's a reality show on Keyshia Cole's family. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting story to share, especially if you know who Keyshia Cole is (I didn't cause I don't listen to radio).

So if anyone sees that show and notices a girl with a red long sleeved top eating ice cream/ soup with a "move from me" look on her face......

update!: it's a show on BET

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Wuzdescene said...

now yuh gonna make me tune in tuh dat weird show .... just tuh see de trini bacchanal in it ... will look out for you too :-)

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