Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Birthday and UK trip collide / Prints available

Well not too much to update here besides some new content. My UK trip was postponed for 2 weeks so looks like I'll be in England for my birthday! (February 11th, I accept cash and cc :D ). Well let's see...right now there is a children's party going on at my house. A four year old's to be precise. I now remember why I don't play kiddy cds in the car when I drop my son to school, the sound is crawling my blood. Instead he got a ipod full of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Metallica at his little party last year :)
I now have prints available here Buy my art at

In terms of work, I've had a slow but steady start to the year. It's the Christmas syndrome -nobody feels like booking anything when their pockets are empty. It's a pace that works out better for me though, I'm not swamped (yet) like I was at the end of last year, pulling hair out and eyes twitching...all the stress symptoms, really attractive...

I can't wait to meet up with some friends in England though, and meet some new ones. After this trip I'm heading to Canada in March/April so I'm a little ball of excitement. I also started painting again (I'll post the final piece and all the WIP shots soon). I forgot how much fun it is, and how incredibly fast I get through it. I photograph fast, I draw fast, I paint fast....I hate dragging things along.

Ok enough rambling, here is some recent work. I won Photo of the Week on e-photozine for the blindingly colourful one. Seriously, careful with that one, wear shades. Oh and the last image is NSFW.

neck corset by Karen von Oppen

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Heading to the UK / Vampire series

Happy new year! Hope everyone didn't get lazy over the Christmas period like I did (even if it was just a week). I finally got a laptop, the one extremely necessary thing I needed for work, and I lerv it :)

I'll be heading to England in two weeks and I am currently taking bookings for sessions up there. I'm trying my best not to turn it into one big week of photo-snapping, so just two days out of the week are going towards work. Anyone who's interested in booking can email me for more info, or if you'd like to just meet up, I'm down with that.

So I've always wanted to do a nude set (NSFW pictures coming up *wink*) and so I started the year with my first one. Neck corset by the very talented Karen von Oppen - more pictures from this set to come. I was inspired by a horrible vampire movie I saw recently, guess which one...

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