Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Birthday and UK trip collide / Prints available

Well not too much to update here besides some new content. My UK trip was postponed for 2 weeks so looks like I'll be in England for my birthday! (February 11th, I accept cash and cc :D ). Well let's see...right now there is a children's party going on at my house. A four year old's to be precise. I now remember why I don't play kiddy cds in the car when I drop my son to school, the sound is crawling my blood. Instead he got a ipod full of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Metallica at his little party last year :)
I now have prints available here Buy my art at

In terms of work, I've had a slow but steady start to the year. It's the Christmas syndrome -nobody feels like booking anything when their pockets are empty. It's a pace that works out better for me though, I'm not swamped (yet) like I was at the end of last year, pulling hair out and eyes twitching...all the stress symptoms, really attractive...

I can't wait to meet up with some friends in England though, and meet some new ones. After this trip I'm heading to Canada in March/April so I'm a little ball of excitement. I also started painting again (I'll post the final piece and all the WIP shots soon). I forgot how much fun it is, and how incredibly fast I get through it. I photograph fast, I draw fast, I paint fast....I hate dragging things along.

Ok enough rambling, here is some recent work. I won Photo of the Week on e-photozine for the blindingly colourful one. Seriously, careful with that one, wear shades. Oh and the last image is NSFW.

neck corset by Karen von Oppen

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