Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Dreams May Come / The Sister series

Yesterday, I did two things. First, I completed the 4th piece of my "The Sister" series. I shot this with Jade and Cherisse back in June 09, and every 2 months or so I would complete one of the concepts scribbled (very poorly) in my book (shown below). There are still a few that need to be completed, but this time next year HOPEFULLY it'll all be done!

The one I'm pointing to is the latest creation.
Black hearty shaped thing on your left is courtesy my son.

Original sketch showed that the glass she was holding contained a scene of her falling down the rabbit hole. After drawing a mockup within the image, I though that bunny tied to a balloon just looked so much better!

More from the series. Click to watch them magically grow!

Second thing I did yesterday was finally work with makeup artist Carla Hutchinson. We've been emailing back and forth for a while now about setting up a shoot and it finally came to pass! I was so impressed with her airbrushed makeup , as well as the hair styling she did on Heidi! When we were ready to shoot, we headed down the street (literally down the street) to Gary Jordan's studio. He was kind enough to offer his space for me to shoot yesterday, and I was very happy about that since I was in a lazy mood anyway and really didn't feel like setting up the living room for the session :/ So thanks very much for that! I wanted to create a Renaissance-like oil painterly effect with this one, and I think I achieved it! I'll update as I edit more.

model is Heidi Walcott

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Brooke said...

your work is sooo beautiful. i would love to learn some of your tricks of the trade :) do you do any workshops?

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