Thursday, December 17, 2009


I did a self-portrait inspired by the trailer about a week and half ago. I said it would be my favourite movie, and let me tell you...IT IS. James Cameron was put here to make this movie. I feel so inspired by the world of Pandora and the Na'vi's connection with nature. I'm no tree-hugger, but human beings really piss me off the way they....we....treat this planet. Not only that, but the way we crown ourselves the dominant ones above anything that can ever exist, as a species and in our own individual minds. The last time I felt moved by a film was when I saw District 9 (love it or not, that's what people are capable of). It gave me that familiar feeling of anger towards our species, how much hate and greed runs through our veins, how the world is treated as a cold dead thing and we forget about how much life flows through it. Before I pull out the Cumbaya record and talk about "feeeeelings" I'll end it with the image I created before I saw the movie. I think there'll be a lot more. No movie makes me cry and gets away with it . /flex


Azaa said...

I love all your work! they are just simply gorgeous and stunning! you're awesome! You inspire me so much!
And thanks for the tutorial,, is it possible if you can do more tutorials?

Laura Ferreira said...

I would love to do more!

VulcanFire said...

AH! Avatar looks amazing!

More tutorials indeed, and maybe a bit more indepth? I got a general idea but I still am missing a lot of stuff.

joseann said...

you are so artistic......and your work is absolutely stunning...unquestionably,you are the best-----joseann

Vanessa Hernandez said...

This is effing brilliant. glad you felt the same as me after watching. =)

aronil said...

can i please just say, that you have absolutely amazing talent and I think your works are grogeous! Your self portraits are unbelievable.. how are u able to take shots of yourself like that? or does someone help you?

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