Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Digital SLR Magazine / Caribbean Beat? / commissions

My work is featured in the latest issue of Digital SLR magazine as well as on the cover of the November / December issue of Caribbean Beat magazine, anyone travelling on Caribbean Airways can take a look - that photo was done for EmmaLouchie Jewellery earlier in the year and I had no idea it made cover (I was not credited as photographer). I'll post the Digital SLR feature when I get a copy.

Here is some work I've done for musician Etienne Charles - the newspapers are calling him a saxophonist when obviously it's a triangle he plays! Also, up and coming singer Annya Li from the recent NY shoot.
I am starting a new personal project today entitled "Subhuman". Part woman part machine, more like mock posters for a movie in my head. A little fun to break the work cycle. If you've ever heard of Pendulum, their music is fueling this one.

oh here's a teeny tiny pic of the Caribbean Beat magazine cover

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