Sunday, May 18, 2008

(11.1.08) New Year and Commissioned Shoots

(11.1.08) New Year and Commissioned Shoots

First off, happy new year!!!1!!!

Now onto business...I haven't updated for over a week now and that's basically because I've been drowning in work (that's a reason not a complaint). First shoot of the year was with Alexis, second was with Kasey and Nikhloai from Precision Productions third was with Soca artistes Patrice Roberts, Farmer Nappy, Benjai and Zan. So that's was how my week went, and here are some of the shots.

A special round of applause goes out to Benjai for posing with our pitbull Simba and barely flinching. Another round of applause for Patrice Roberts who somehow has enough energy to do a shoot then perform at a fete. I was probably in my bed when she was on stage.

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