Sunday, May 18, 2008



Been so busy that I haven't had time to post any new work. These shots are from last week Friday and Saturday (5 shoots in one week and I'm beat, wuss) So the first one with Verena was pretty cool because she actually wanted to looked possessed and not too glamorous. She ended up being a demonic baseball player with a hoody, scary. However, I still took some shots with her against the yellow in her "normal" state. Two totally different looks, and all done in an hour.

The second shoot was pretty simple. Sarita wanted an Indian themed look so we hopped over to my friend Jenna's apartment complex and made use of her flowers, I even did the typical peeking from behind the tree photo because I just couldn't resist. Good laughs there. Sarita's studying law and said she would sue me for deep emotional and physical damage because she got bitten by ants. A lawyer with a good sense of humour. Totally unrelated to the pictures, there was this jogger who kept passing us every two minutes and we wondered how on earth he made it around the complex so fast. We decided that he was cheating and cutting in between the buildings to macco what we were doing.

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