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(28.2.08) Commissions, Pirogues, and Good Times

(28.2.08) Commissions, Pirogues, and Good Times

I'm trying to remember what happened after my last update... I have a bad memory so I rely on my little notebook to remind me of jobs, events, people's names, yadda yadda. Ok yes, I had a few client shoots including one for the third issue of Scorch magazine, as well as a "breather" shoot that I did with my good friend/favourite MUA Gianna Barcant, and old friend/favourite Trini model Christianne Steel. I also attended the Miss Tnt Universe/World gig at Zen thanks to Peter Elias. It was very entertaining and I met some very cool souls down there, including (now remember I said I have a bad memory) Anthony, a photographer based in England (you're probably reading this so I hope I got that right!)

Scorch shoot was done partly in a fishing village in Carenage and partly on a yacht in Chaguaramas. Fishing village was the more interesting one as we had to ask this guy (we'll call him Curtis, he looked like a Curtis) to borrow his pirogue. Well, the entire village ended up watching this poor model in her skimpy bikini try to get comfortable on the bow of this pirogue which was dry-docked and covered in bird shit (I can say shit on my site) Well I thought it was pretty funny, made me remember just how much I'm glad not to be a model.

Shot Gianna (makeup artist) in a red mask I bought on Ariapita Ave. Next day Christianne joined us and we spent the entire day making her look more like Audrey Hepburn, photographing her, and testing out my new set of lights. I prefer natural lighting still because I know what I'm doing when it comes to that. I honestly need to get used to these artificial lights, I feel like a noob.

I just looked up at the monitor and realised how much I typed. I feel like a Blogger. Here comes more length to this update, the shots that I just spoke about (excluding Scorch).


(18.2.08) Commissions

Last shot from Toni's session as well as another self-portrait I did on my birthday.

And something that has absolutely nothing to do with me, my work or this site...just makes me laugh.
(a lot)
thanks Ranelle.

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