Sunday, May 18, 2008

(9.2.08) Commissions and Post-Carnival pains

(9.2.08) Commissions and Post-Carnival pains

More from my session with Toni as well as new shots from yesterday's shoot with 'Rocks, Frocks and Cocktails'. First time I did a shoot whilst feeling like death. Played Carnival earlier this week and I'm paying for it with a cold and what feels like a broken hip. I still have my red band from my section on my wrist, I've been too lazy to cut it off.

Have many shoots lined up for next week so I'm stocking up on the meds, plus it's birthday time on Monday so let's hope I feel better so I can blow the 23 candles out. More updates to come soon, as well as a revamp of this front page. Been meaning to make a php blog but been too busy. Since the page is about a mile long now I've got to get around to it. *cough*

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