Sunday, May 18, 2008

Magazine shoot in Tobago and site updates

I finally got around to fixing the news / home page so now it'll be easier for me to update. All the older posts have been archived with the true date of the original posting in their respective titles.

So I'm heading to Tobago tomorrow with Gianna Barcant (my MUA) for 3 days to shoot for a magazine. After that it's straight to Margarita for a friend's wedding. I've never been there so I'm doing my little research right now. All I know is there's a lot of sand and boob jobs are cheap.

I'll also be heading to New York in early June, but I will have more info on that closer to then. Again, I've never been there and the last time I saw anything remotely connected to NY was footage of an alien eating a camera guy . So maybe I shouldn't walk with my camera....

Here are some recent images from my work with Scorch magazine and other clients:

ps: Anyone plays Bio Shock? Cause I'm loving it :D my WoW account expired so I'm pwning disfigured ppl instead of lvl 1 deer.

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GirlBlue said...

That has to be my favourite picture of Heidi!

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