Thursday, October 2, 2008


It's 2:14am and I've got to wake up in T-minus 4 hours to drop my son to school. I did a horrible thing today. I was reading the second book in the quite awesome Belgariad series, then I simply fell asleep - and when I fall asleep early I get too much energy at night and, well, here I am. Up and wide-eyed in the dark morning. So I decided to post an update just because I've run out of things to do online at this point.

I press enter to start a new paragraph, and realise I really have nothing to say. Lovely weather we're having :/

Anyway, to make this post worthwhile, here are some images I've recently done with designer Anita Bhatt and her Vicious Dolls line, and some clients work. I shot some girls in a scene where the had to point and guffaw at a male stripper yesterday, it was fun times, though I think in all our hysterical laughter we made the half-naked gentlemen a bit embarrassed . Poor guy will never model again I presume, haha. I'm going to have one last go at my book, maybe until the next chapter, then crawl into bed before the little one wakes up and jumps on my stomach, as is the norm at 6am.

left: dress by Vicious Dolls, right: dress by Vicious Dolls (headpiece inspired by Lithium Picnic)

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