Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Only 25 more days....

...til the exhibition!

I've been living in the past for about a week. Realised today that the date on my watch is actually yesterday's, so an entire 24 hours has gone *poof*. The calendar artwork is at the printer's now and I'm patiently waiting to get the hard copies. I do feel a bit nervous because I've never printed my work like this before, I'm just a print noob going through her first nooby experience. You go through the work over and over proof-reading it and you swear that everything is fine. Then they call and inform you that Christmas was spelled wrong :/

I also finally got the chance to see The Solitary Alchemist (the film I did the poster for) and left the cinema completely inspired. As a result, I'm about to begin a series inspired by the work of jeweler Barbara Jardine, who the film was based on. I wrote a bit more about it here , feel free to check it out. There are other sets I would like to do before October is finished but I'm just piling on too much right now, the plate is going to break. So don't be surprised if you see a Halloween series in November / December.

I did some work in September with my favourite model Chris Steel. We got to pick out some Heather Jones dresses from her store and trekked up to this beauitul peak in St. Anns where Pine trees surround a little log cabin. Didn't feel like Trinidad at all! Apparently it was more like Canada, but I've never been so I could only nod and blink at Chris. Here are the images from that set plus some self-portraits I did, and work with HD Family - soca artistes from Trinidad.


Angie said...

hey! ur blogging!!!

n fyi - cant wait to get 1 of ur nifty calendars

catherine todd said...

Very striking photos... keep up the good work. We are all very impressed! Nice to see so much creativity spilling out EVERYWHERE, all over the place!

Laura Ferreira said...

thank you very much :)

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