Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ANTM's Mckey Sullivan, and other interesting stuff

A much needed update! Since my return from LA (which was amazing and should have been longer than four days) I've been merrily up to my eyeballs with photoshoots and editing. Had a great experience working on a film, though it's absolutely super secret and if I told you I'd have to blablabla kill blablabla you.....actually I'D be killed so let's not go there. So we move on - I tore down my three-part giant photo-set of the "Flower Girls" from my kitchen wall to add to the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society's 2010 exhibition. If you know what my kitchen looks like then you'll understand why these prints are dearly missed.

our poor attempt at mocking my photos (my sister , myself, and mom)

Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago, or FWTT (I keep thinking of the FFWD button, there's a joke there somewhere), just wrapped up, and even though I usually hide in a cave for that particular week, I took a step into the Hyatt to choose some clothes for my shoot with America's Next Top Model winner Mckey Sullivan (and got stared down by a half-shades half-glasses creature in the hotel, I didn't know the visually-impaired-pirate look was back). One Saturday I got a call saying that she was here and up to shooting, so for the next three days I was running around organising a location, wardrobe, hair, makeup, and a horse named Ferrari. It was a concept that I was planning on doing within the next two weeks and it suited her perfectly.

It all went down last Wednesday starting with Emily Quesnel and the ladies at Cahoots on hair and makeup while I ran around Woodbrook collecting wardrobe from Heather Jones and Meiling (whose clothes unfortunately didn't get used due to time constraints), then a Hilo run (always a necessity), followed by my poor car fighting her way up that St.Anns hill , and eventually, we made it to the location. We started with a Francis Hendy dress (which was supplied by the people at FFWD) , and after a round with a Heather Jones creation, we sat on the balcony of the cabin and waited for the horse to arrive. He was fashionably late and not very happy. This was the first time I worked with a horse (there's a joke there somewhere) so for the model and I to move around with him but still maintain a good composition and light source, was a bit tricky though I think we did alright in the end! Thanks to Nikki Chatoor, the horse-handler, for helping us out so much and supplying us with mountains of horse poop all over our lovely location. That was a dodgy situation. Mckey had to zip back to the Hyatt for a show so we wrapped up in the early evening, hung around a bit and stared at a bonfire whilst powering it with a sqwuaky rendition of Nigel Rojas' "we will rrIIIIIIIISSSSSSEEEEE" as it grew bigger and bigger.

Some behind the scenes stills:

and a nice picture of me taken by either my boyfriend Kris or "outdoor photoshoot buddy" Joth

Back to Meiling now. earlier this year I shot an image for her new collection "Noir" which was shown at Colombia's Fashion Week, and was just unveiled here in Trinidad.

About a year ago I did a shoot for a company named Kouture Ventures for their eyewear line, also just unveiled.

Some client work amidst everything.

My photo "Gold Lion" was on the cover of .psd Photoshop magazine, both French and UK version. Tutorial on how I achieved the look of Gold Lion inside.


Divanda Gitadesiani said...

i love your artworks. i can't wait to see your new artworks. :)

sly said...


sly said...

The Noir picture is very good... it reminds me of Chan Wook Park's film Sympathy for Lady Vengeance...

Awesome pictures...*thumbs up ;D

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