Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zombie lovin', Show &Tell , Digital Camera World magazine

I've been with my boyfriend for five years, and we've never done one of those "couple's portraits" where they're holding hands walking along the beach, or hugging up next to pretty flowers, orrrrrrrrrr wearing matching white shirts and blue jeans being caught in mid-laugh, or some other generic crap that doesn't come to mind right now. So a few weeks ago I thought about things that we both love, and it hit me - The Walking Dead! We are huge fans of that comic and are weeing ourselves waiting for the series to start soon. I scribbled a concept on one of my phone bill envelopes, and after a few weeks went by, I finally got the chance to do a quick shoot for this.

You know how they talk about undying love. This is Undead Love.

you always got my back babe....*crickets*

Yesterday I was a presenter at Above Group's 10th edition of Show & Tell. It was myself and Alan Davis, a surf board builder. Wish I got some pix of it but I forgot to tell someone to take a few shots during the presentation. Hopefully someone did , I'll add a pic or two if I come across any. I'm not a very outgoing super social gal (sans alcohol) , but it's so easy for me to go on and on about things that I love, and I love my job. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Alan, myself, and Above Group.

I got a message from someone saying that they saw my work in Digital Camera World magazine this month, so that was a nice suprise. I completely forgot that something was going to be published there. I got my hands on a pdf of the mag, so here's a little screen shot of the feature.

Digital Camera World, August 2010 issue

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