Sunday, May 18, 2008



Had a shoot on Sunday with Krystal Ribeiro as the model, Gylla Krogh doing makeup, and Jonathan Krogh supplying me with his brand new custom made guitar (and a raggedy old one as well). Location was Lapeyrouse Cemetery in Port-of-Spain. First time I had ever been there and I was blown away by this one particular mausoleum. There was no name and no date. Only the iron gate around the structure gave any information, it said "Scotland". The floor inside was broken open and a curious peak inside showed a mass amount of garbage and who knows what else lying at the bottom. We stayed until closing time which was about 6 'o clock and I made my way home with a camera full of dark, eerie, yet mystifying shots. For a cemetery, that place was pretty relaxing and "creepy feeling" free. Only thing of concern was the crackhead on the bicycle who kept shooting us menacing stares as he peddled past.

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