Monday, August 4, 2008

Last week for work until September

Red Meadow


Makeup-artist Stacy Des Vignes. Flower on her face is makeup not Photoshop.

This is the last week that I am working until September. I have four shoots during the week, and this weekend will be spent getting most of the editing out of the way (at least, that' what I'm aiming for) then I am kicking off my shoes and .... just sitting there I guess. Ah, but I will be doing some of my own shoots (which I miss terribly) and some more fantasy artwork. I'm actually pretty excited to have say as to exactly what I want to shoot for the next 3 weeks, so I won't be falling asleep behind the camera. I have this saying that I came up with after working with an ad agency; "The next time someone says 'I want something edgy' I'm going to point them to the nearest cliff". Fact is, no one wants something "edgy" because no one wants to take chances. I would therefore really like to obliterate the word. I wonder what would happen if I started an ad THAT would be interesting.

Ghost World

Passing Time
with his wee little book, and his wee little rolex

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