Monday, August 25, 2008

One more week of freedom, maybe not...

My friend Ceola is down here from England for a few weeks so we got together on Saturday and did a little shoot. First we raided an arts and crafts store down the road and bought the cheapest pile of "Asiany looking" junk, which included some sort of headpiece that looked like Mickey Mouse ears, an umbrella that someone carelessly painted all over to look "oriental", and these pop up red lanterns (two in one pack, score!) I then harassed a few friends for props, ranging from a small katana (which I had Ceola buttering bread with) to a meshed cloth-thing that means 'good luck' in Chinese (I remember Al saying it meant 'hope' but then again I "hear things"). We then went back to my place, flipped a table on its side, masking-taped a broom to a window - which a puzzled brother-in-law found later that night - and made a mini set, it was EPIC.

After that, I squashed a black mask on her face (but not before we trial and errored through the makeup bit) and wrapped her up in white tulle. Took some shots and then sprawled out on the couch for a breather while she attempted to scrape the makeup (which was about 10 -12 layers) off her face....apparently her eyebrows were still pink the next day. Yes so that was fun times, and the first shoot I've had in a few weeks. My vacation is leaving me bored and desperate. I have now resorted to playing WoW every night which has caused a very positive reaction as my gear is now quite leet (it was crap before).

rightt....nothing of interest to talk about anymore. I'm trying to teach my son how to say "banana" because I think it's an interesting word - he's got the "bah" and the "nana" down, but can't quite seem to join the two together. I've also been killing this emoticon because I do that facial expression a lot. What an unnecessary paragraph this was. Feels like a storm is coming, off to bed night-night.

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