Thursday, March 26, 2009

London Photoshoot / in Madeira

A quick update about Europe so far. Had my photoshoot with singer Ami Richardson on Sunday. Much thanks to my awesome team (Ami Richardson, Kim Roy, Emily Quesnel, and Samantha Cole London) We started at Hamstead Heath and made our way into Camden. Got quite a bit of attention with Ami's giant red beehive sort of hair. My left leg was in an absolute mess from the previous night of hopping around London, and in typical Laura fashion, I got home at 5am....and woke up at 8am for the shoot :/ So Sunday morning I had one working leg, no voice, and felt like death. I am so proud of myself for making it!

We met at Emily's salon, "Holistic Hair and Beauty" in West Hamstead , where the makeup and hair was done. Then we headed off to Hamstead Heath and did a few pictures there. Of course we got many a stare from the folks walking their dogs, and kids pointing fingers "mummy what's wrong with her head?". At some point we saw a green jeep approaching and it was the park patrol!! We weren't supposed to be shooting there apparently (he assumed it was commercial?) so we said we were wrapping up, then quickly got back into it when they drove off. My leg by now was too messed up to walk on, so Kim found me a nice stick (named Sticky) to support myself on. When I was ready to shoot I would say "please hold Sticky". He currently resides at Emily's salon in a vase.

When I thought I was done with Heath, Ami and I spotted these two giant sheep looking beings from a mile away. We ran up to them and I asked their mum if they could pose with us. So one of the photos you'll see below is Ami with Fred and Darcy. Gorgeous creatures and so lovable! Many thanks to their mummy for letting us have a bit of fun with them :)

Soon after, we were making our way to Camden. At some point we were waiting at a bus stop and I was thinking to myself "Ami really reminds me of Helena Bonham-Carter with that hair and clothes" , low and behold Helena Bonham-Carter is standing next to us with her kids in a wheelbarrow. Now I never cared for celebrities, and I think that staring is rude....but I stared, mouth hanging open and everything. I thought it was pretty ironic that she had been on my mind and was suddenly standing next to me. So that was my super cool story that I'm going to KILL when I get back home :D

In Camden we went hunting for punks, but they don't like the sun apparently and we only saw them as we were some girls to pose for me though. Most photos were taken around Camden Lock and again, much attention. Shot there for a bit then made our way back to Hamstead. I'm really fast-forwarding right now but that's only because I'm in Madeira at the moment and I am being rushed to get ready and hit the road. All in all the shoot went great and I met some absolutely cool souls. I'm going to update this again soon, I've got some wicked fast internet that I'm mooching from the hotel next door.


Some behind the scenes pictures

Hair and makeup at Holistics

A whole lotta hair

Fred and Darcy , their proud mama taking a picture

Sticky the stick

Hair stylist Kim and I on our way to Camden

the entire restuarant was staring at Ami

Super team, and no my eyes aren't closed, they're just naturally squinty

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