Thursday, May 14, 2009

'idea Photos' magazine

My work is featured on the front and back cover of the May/June issue of idea Photos (Taiwan). There's also an interview and spread inside though I haven't seen it yet so I'll post some photos when I get my copy. I also won Photo of the Week in Digital Photographer magazine so I'll have a feature in the next issue. I've got a few upcoming campaigns that I'll talk about soon enough. Completely unrelated to pictures, I'm doing a hair show on Sunday (I volunteered to be a guinea pig) so I'll be sporting some mega bright hair soon :D I'm so excited! May also be heading to the US very soon, but we shall see! For now, take a look at some recent work :)

1 comment:

奕宏 said...

i saw the photos in the eslite bookstore in taiwan.
i like your works very muck

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